Entry Marshal Duties




Welcome 2021 Parade Entry Marshals

The Arlington, TX 4th of July Association requires each entry to appoint an Entry Marshal. The position of Entry Marshal was created in order to facilitate the smooth and efficient operation of the parade from the lineup area, through the route, and back to the parking lot.

Our hope is that the Entry Marshals will help the parade flow smoothly and grandly through the streets of downtown Arlington thereby creating a much more fun, festive, and safe experience for spectators, participants, and organizers.





Entry Marshal Duties

Know parade rules for your entry and ensure compliance. You may download a copy of the rules from our web site.
Be available to parade officials for relaying information to your entry in the assembly area and along the parade route.
Make sure that entry number is properly placed on your entry.
Keep your entry together and organized in the lineup area.
Accompany your entry during the parade.
Control entry speed on the parade route to maintain interval between your entry and units before and after. Maintain about a 20 – 30 foot interval with the next entry. If a gap develops close it up.
Ensure the safety of your entry and entry participants. Be safe!

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