Arlington 4th Of July Association


The Association wishes to thank the following Patrons for their help in making recent Parades a resounding success:

The City of Arlington, which assists and supports the parade effort in numerous ways, including participation by the Police, Fire, Parks and Water Departments, Mayor Robert Cluck’s Office and staff, and the Central Library.

The University of Texas at Arlington, for their many venues of support to the Parade.

The Arlington Independent School District, which provides protected workspace for float construction. And the art program that facilitates the T-Shirt contest for the parade t-shirt design.

Accent Awards, for their generous donation of awards and trophies to be given out to the winners of the various judging categories.

Supporters of the parade include: Nuts and Bolts Hardware, Pierson-Behr, The UTA Shorthorn Newspaper, and Knapp Heritage Park.

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Although the Arlington, TX 4th of July Association is all-volunteer, there are a number of costs associated with the parade activities. Special Thanks are extended to the following organizations, our Parade Sponsors:




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