Judging Criteria and Award Categories

Grand Prize

Trophy awarded for the most patriotic entry, commercial or non-commercial. Selected from the 1st place winners in all categories.

Mayor’s Award

Non-commercial entry which best depicts the parade theme, chosen before the parade begins at the lineup area, between 8:00 – 8:45 a.m.. Winner will be placed behind the Mayor’s car in the parade lineup.

Spirit Award

Presented to the entry which best personifies a spirit of dedication, ingenuity, originality, and enthusiasm, and brings the greatest pleasure to and response from the spectators. Awarded by a panel chosen by the Board of Directors.

Director’s Award

General award for an outstanding entry in any category. Award winners will be selected by the Directors of the Arlington 4th of July Parade Association.

Ruthe Jackson Memorial Award

Ruthe Jackson was a patriotic community leader and head judge for the Arlington Independence Day Parade for over 20 years. In her honor, this award is given to the entry most patriotically decorated in red, white, and blue chosen from any category.

Award Criteria

  1. Float Categories (6)
    1. Novice Floats: for first time, non-commercial entries
    2. Non-commercial Floats: for non-commercial organizations
    3. Youth: for nonprofit service organizations for youth
    4. Commercial Floats: for commercial organizations-not professionally built
    5. Professionally Built Floats: may be any business or noncommercial organization; Application shall be signed by a legal representative of the organization.
    6. Small Business Floats: any business with less than 25 employees.
  2. Vehicle Categories (5)
    1. Classic Car Club (25 to 50 yrs. old)-Clubs only; 8 cars per entry maximum.
    2. Antique Car Club (50+ yrs. old) – Clubs only; 8 cars per entry maximum.
    3. Classic Car (25 to 50 yrs. old) – Individual vehicle
    4. Antique Car (50+ yrs. old) – Individual vehicle
    5. Decorated Vehicle (less than 25 yrs. old) Individual vehicle
  3. Cheerleaders
  4. Drill Teams
  5. Marching/Walking Units (Not Live Music) Categories (2)
    1. Youth
    2. Adult
  6. Marching Bands – Not affiliated with Arlington ISD; Live Music
  7. Musical entries other than Marching Bands – Live Music
  8. Mounted Units
  9. Clowns
  10. Bicycle Groups (2)
    1. Youth
    2. Adult
  11. Unique (2)
    1. Commercial
    2. Non-commercial
  12. Other Awards (5)
    1. Spirit Award
    2. Ruthe Jackson Award
    3. Directors Award
    4. Mayors Award
    5. Grand Prize

Not Judged /No award – Dignitaries, Community Service